Used BMW E60 Spares

used bmw e60 sparesA mid-size luxury sports sedan, the BMW 5 Series E60 is the replacement for the BMW 5 Series E39 that was released in 2003. The station wagon makes use of the E61 platform as opposed to BMW M5 that was one of the market’s best performing sedans. The BMW F10 platform replaced the E61 and E60 platforms in March of 2010.

  1. Development

Commencing in 1997, the development program of the E60 platform was concluded in 2003. Crafted by Davide Arcangeli working under director Chris Bangle, the design got final approval in 2000 with the design patents being filed in Germany on April 16 of 2002.

  1. Comparison with Predecessor

The predecessor of the E60, the E39 had many features in common with the 7 series. The E60 is different in this regard as it is different to other BMW models produced at the time. The E60 offers more trunk and interior space as it is higher, heavier, wider, and longer than its predecessor. Additionally, the E60 is different stylistically as it has a body rounder than the 5 series models. The interior is markedly different from the E39 that was drive oriented in being similar to the E65 7 series that had an iDrive system, basic buttons, and an LCD display that was flat looking.

  1. Aftermarket Parts

The automotive community showered the E60 with much critical acclaim that prompted specialist part manufacturers to make aftermarket parts for the model that even had M-Sports parts. For instance, Dinan, Hartge, AC SCHNITZER, and Hamann brought E60 parts to the markets that were cheaper than the original parts. Moreover, the already swift E60 already had many companies producing aftermarket parts for it.

  1. Platform Derivates

The E64/63 is a derivative of the E60 and is the reiteration of the coupe 6 Series. In response to Audi’s A6 L model, the E60 5 Series offered a factory stretched long wheel base model in China. It had most of the legroom expected from a large executive sedan (e.g., the Mercedes-Benz S-Class or BMW 7 Series), though in a simpler and cheaper model. Lean models included the 530Li, 525Li, 523Li, and the 520Li as of 2009.{citation Required}

  1. Technology

The front of the E60 is made of aluminium while the rear and passenger cabin are of steel construction thus balancing the weight at 50:50. The BMW’s xDrive System was available in several E60 models including the 530xd, 525xd, 535xi, 530xi, 528xi, and 525xi models.

  1. Equipment

The iDrive system derived from BMW E65 7 Series has been simplified. It comes with a range of features including the Harman Kardon Logic7 stereo system, active steering, head-up display, and Active Cruise Control. Additional features include Run-flat tyres, Bi-xenon headlights, active headrests, BMW Night Vision, Adaptive Headlights, Voice Control, Dynamic Stability Control among other accessories found in high-end luxury cars. The E60 is always upgrading the features of the model. For instance, Brake Force Display, Lane Departure Warning, LED rear lights, Adaptive Headlights, Stop & Go function in Active Cruise Control became available a few years after the model was introduced.

  1. Safety

Initial assessments gave the 5 Series model a 3-star rating for adult passengers. Nevertheless, with upgrades to the electronic software, air bags, door latch, door trims, footrest, and steering column, the model now has a 4-star rating. According to BMW, the vehicle’s EuroNCAP scores improved due to the modifications and not the safety of the vehicle; as such BMW made the decision not to recall its earlier versions of the model.

For side impact collisions, THE 5 Series it scores a “Marginal” overall rating while on frontal collisions it is rated “Good” by the American Insurance Institute of Highways Safety (IIHS). According to side-impact testing by the IIHS, the driver would likely experience internal organ injuries due to rib fractures and related injuries. These tests were done on models that came out post-May 2007; these are models that had been modified to enhance their side impact safety.

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