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BMW e36 engineRegarded and considered as one of the most valued vehicle brand names, BMW E36 is different, chic, sophisticated, comfortable in addition to powerful. Consequently, it isn’t difficult to understand the reason why BMW is one of the typically bought brands. One thing relating to this brand is it is expensive to own and maintain. A lot of people leave their automobiles abandoned for a long time trying to find funds to buy brand-new parts for replacement although this may be necessary, many times, it exposes the car to several various other consequences and losses that manifest when the motor has not run for some time.

What many individuals are yet to appreciate is that you may still easily arrange second hand BMW E36 engines at a lower cost which will help prevent losses while enjoying the conveniences of one’s automobile. Numerous scrap yards within South Africa deal with BMW auto parts, so you can easily find them. Nevertheless, before choosing the BMW scrap yard, you will have to think of a few elements.

What should you keep in mind?

• Track record – The best way to tell if your dealership is capable of providing superior second-hand E36 engines is from their particular track record. In case the scrap yard has been providing trustworthy 2nd hand auto parts about the area for a while, they’ll certainly be highly regarded. Ideally, study the feed-back, recommendations, and ratings of the buyers to create a idea of what the dealer offers. The message the past clientele issued will assist you to determine whether the dealership is worth hiring and what you can expect from them.

• Quality assurance – Even used spare parts have high quality assurance notably if you are using an additional service to perform the repair and also substitution. The supplier ought to have terms that permit you to send back any engine that refuses to fulfill your quality criteria or any that will not meet up with its goal. Be sure that the scrap yard you’re buying from will permit you to easily send back or exchange any spares which don’t match your anticipations.

• Variety – The best BMW scrap yards provide lots of second hand engines to suit almost any model of BMW. This kind of big variety allows you to ensure that you are buying the highest quality engine. Occasionally these engines are salvaged from more recent automobiles which have been removed the road due to a severe car accident. In some cases, these parts are stripped from old model autos that simply are no longer street worthy.

BMW E36 Engine Data

Years Model Power Engine Code Top Speed
1990–1993 316i 74kW M40B16 191 km/h
1994–1998 316i 75kW M43B16 195 km/h
1990–1993 318i 83kW M40B18 198 km/h
1993–1998 318i 85kW M43B18 208 km/h
1992–1995 318is 103kW M42B18 215 km/h
1991–1994 320i 110kW M50B20 221 km/h
1995–1998 323i 125kW M52B25 232 km/h
1993–1995 325i 141kW M50B25 235 km/h
1995–1998 328i 142kW M52B28 240 km/h
1995–1998 M3 213kW S50B32 250 km/h
1994–1998 318tds 66kW M41D17 182 km/h
1996–1998 325td 85kW M51D25 198 km/h
1996–1998 325tds 105kW M51D25 214 km/h

Find E36 Engines For Sale From Listed Scrap Yards Below

The task to find used E36 BMW engines for sale in South Africa is actually uncomplicated especially considering that some of the most honest BMW scrap yards have professional websites that provide you with all the details you need. It is simple to seek out the nearest dealership to you. Use the best internet search engine to discover the closest scrap yard and use the earlier mentioned things to land the right scrap yard. When you utilize these elements, they’ll define your research, and you’ll be sure of determining the best BMW supplier. By choosing to order your auto parts with this kind of respectable part seller who’s going to be qualified to function in your town, it is certain you are receiving a great price and a high-quality part.

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