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Mercedes C Class PartsThe C class of Mercedes-Benz is one of the renowned Classes among the compact- executive cars that were produced by a German Multinational Automotive Corporation known as Daimler AG. It came into being in 1993 to succeed the 190-W201 class. It was the most compact prototype in the marque’s categorization until later when class A emerged in the year 1997. The C class main factory is in Bremen, Germany and has several other satellite companies in other states. The history of the C class dates back in 1993 when the first one was produced as the W202 Sedan. The second one was the W203, which hit the market in the year 2000.
Since 2002, these executive vehicles have been available in 4 -wheel drive option making them more competitive. The production of the third generation in 2007 was represented by the W204 and the most recent generation representing the C class is the W205, which landed the market in the early months of 2014.

An amazing fact about these executive cars is that they were initially available as a station- wagon and a Sedan. The introduction of the W203 version in 2000 saw the emergence of the sports coupe version, whose model went through minor changes through various modifications and came out as the CLC- class of Benz. Some of the Mercedes parts from the W202 and W203 fit are interchangeable. The CLC dominated the production until the advent of a new W204 C-class coupe in the year 2012. Let us have an overview of the successive generations of these C Classes.

W202 Mercedes Used PartsW202 (1993-2000)

The W201 had commanded the production line until the year 1987 when serious works began in a bid to find a worthy successor. Two personalities contributed towards the successful creation of the w202 model. Murat Gnak was chosen to prepare the final design, but Olivier Boulay delayed the production design in January 1990. Fortunately, the production design was officially patented on 19th December 1990. Various prototypes were put on a road test in 1989 and the first design commenced in 1990 ready for the test. In May 1993, everything was done, and the W202 officially substituted the W201 version. This endeavor was a breakthrough. Mercedes retained the C-class sedan as their suitable model up to 1997 when the A class emerged. The new class copied some styling designs from the W201 but integrated various redesigns. The new models were smoother and rounder. lt copied the styling cues from the W124-E class, W140 s class and the R 129SL Class including the headlights and taillights as well as the front ends.

Used W203 Mercedes PartsW203 (2000-2007)

To make more advancement, the Mercedes Company unveiled the W203 C class. lnitial design works began in mid-1994 and its final approval happened in December 1995. Filing of the design patents occurred on 20 April 1998 and on 4th March in 1999.Testing was already going on in 1997 and by the year 2000 development was already complete. This sedan was unveiled as more powerful machine compared to its predecessors. lt ushered in several engine variants i.e. straight- 4 and v6- petrol engines and straight -4 and five diesel engines. The engines were characterized by the direct fuel injection and the variable geometry -turbochargers. These engine variations had something unique because it was the first time the numbering was no longer the same as the engine displacement especially in the C 200 CDI (2.2-litre) C 200 (1 .8-litre) and C 240 (2.6-litre).

W204 Mercedes PartsW204 (2007-2014)

During the 2007 Geneva Motor auto show, DaimlerChrysler unveiled the W204 C-Class. Later in the same year, sales had spread widely all over the European states. This new model portrayed various redesigns such as an extended wheelbase and a stiffer body, which was because of significant influence from W221 S class and the C 219 CLS class. It also received more facelift for the 2012- model, which included the addition of new headlights, an upgraded dashboard, a revised cluster layout and an improved front fascia.

W205 Mercedes PartsW205 (2014 to present)

This model is the most recent generation of the C class and was unveiled at the 2014 Detroit Autoshow. It is prominent because it is the first car to use Modular Rear Architecture platform. It is a preferable architecture because it reduces the overall vehicles’ weight. This C class weighs 220lb less its predecessors due to lighter materials from aluminum and high strength steel. The reduction in weight makes it more efficient in all aspects of performance and fuel economy. lts development began in the early months of 2013, and the production kicked off in March 2014 at Bremen plant in Germany. Sales commenced in March 2014 in Europe and in September, it reached North America.

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