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New vs Used – The Benefits Of Getting Used Parts Audi A4 Parts

As with most other luxury and high quality car models and brands in South Africa, finding legit spare parts at cheap prices is not always easy. However, it is not impossible. The trick is knowing where to look.

New spare parts are the easiest to find with dealerships available all over South Africa. However, if you have ever tried to get parts from a dealer then you know better than anyone else just how expensive they can be. So what alternative do you have? The answer is simple; used Audi parts from junk yards.

You are probably wondering in what universe used spare parts would qualify as the better alternative to brand new spares. Audi A4 B7 stripping for spares is common practice from new models involved in accidents where not all the parts were completely ruined. The salvaged parts are usually just as good as those you would find in a dealership that sells brand new parts. In this case, you get to enjoy the benefits of high quality spares without having to dent your bank account.


    Part Request


    Recent Audi A4 B7 Part Requests

    Nicholas Smith
    Looking for Tail Lights for 2007 Audi A4/RS4 B7 Convertible
    2021-06-30 12:50:23 +00:00
    Nicholas Smith
    Looking for Tail Lights for 2007 Audi A4/RS4 B7
    2021-06-30 12:48:28 +00:00
    Need a ecu for audi rs4 b7 4.2L V8
    2021-02-24 15:02:47 +00:00
    Mokau Mokoteli
    Please help me with the quotation of the following parts or complete engine
    Main Bearing 010
    Big ends 010
    Piston 020
    Rings 020
    Gasket full set
    Timing chain
    Oil pump
    Water pump
    2021-02-19 12:35:12 +00:00
    Need driver door handle meganism. Part no. 8243616b7Tc
    2021-02-11 13:20:53 +00:00
    waddington mutevani
    I recently had an accident, i need A4 b7 condensor radiator, radiator cradle, radiator its an automatic car and radiator fan assembly for now
    2020-10-26 09:44:44 +00:00
    Brian Berezowski
    I need temperature switch BMW part1285018. Thisw is for e30 series 323i 1984
    2020-09-07 19:36:54 +00:00
    Brian Berezowski
    I need temperature switch BMW part1285018. Thisw is for e30 series 323i 1984
    2020-09-07 19:34:32 +00:00
    Edmond Victor
    Looking for driver side door handle with rubbers for X5 E53 2006 BMW
    2020-07-06 14:21:53 +00:00
    Good day

    I am urgently looking for BMW X5 E53 2006 model boot lid latch for top door.

    Attached is the sample for the latch.

    My contact details are 072 750 4602 and 071 8891 7582.

    2020-06-30 23:44:54 +00:00

    More Info

    Audi A4 B6 Review

    The Audi A4 B6 is swift, silent, sporty — and one of the best vehicle models in its category. This stylish and comfortable model features an excellent hatchback versatility, superior coupe styling, and comfortable sedan spaciousness. Its sharply creased bodywork and refined cabin make this model a well-tailored option for all discerning drivers and riders. This luxury car offers an understated yet impressive design. Plus, it’s equipped with a bunch of latest infotainment systems, for example, Electronic Stability Programme from Bosch. Furthermore, it is equipped with electronic brake force distribution and anti-lock braking system that offer you a smooth, pleasant, and comfortable ride.

    Finding Audi A4 B6 Parts For Sale

    Needless to mention, Audi A4 is a luxury car and purchasing its auto parts can be quite expensive too. For example, if your vehicle needs an emergency repairing service, you’ll need to replace the broken or damaged components with new auto parts. However, purchasing new auto parts for your Audi A4 B6 model can be quite costly and pricey. Luckily for you, the vehicle owners can easily install used auto parts that are as good as a new one. Therefore, if you are fixing up your Audi or you are looking for some automobile components that are no longer manufactured anymore, then buying used car parts will be a lifesaver. Buying brand new automobile parts that aren’t easily available is an extremely expensive and time-consuming process. You will need to contact your local dealers so that they can order the right accessories from the main manufacturing company.

    So, why should you waste lots of time and money on purchasing brand new auto parts for your Audi A4? Take a wise and meaningful decision, purchase top-quality used auto parts, and save a solid chunk of money.

    Buying spare parts for a vintage second-hand car or your lush new car isn’t an easy expedition. You may be also worried about the quality of the used automotive parts & accessories. Aren’t you? Well, our sellers offer top-notch quality parts and accessories for your Audi A4 B6 model. Sometimes, brand new cars meet sudden and unfortunate accidents. In such scenarios, the recyclable and reusable car parts are preserved and salvaged for future usage. Our wide network of scrap yards in South Africa sell those used auto parts at a cheap, affordable, and pocket-friendly price.

    Our sellers offer various kinds of Audi car parts and accessories at an unbeatable price. Additionally, we strive to offer an excellent customer service. Getting wrong OEM parts for your vehicle seems unreasonable and it’s totally frustrating. And, ensuring that you always get the exact and right Audi parts is our top-most priority.

    For your reference, the following parts and accessories for Audi A4 B6 models are typically sold by our sellers.

    1. Body parts including doors, fenders, dashboards, windscreens, tyres, and bumpers etc.
    2. Engine parts, such as camshafts, crankshafts, cylinder heads and pistons.
    3. Suspension parts i.e. tierod ends, coil springs, ball Joints, Upper/ Lower Control Arms, stabilizer links, and shocks.
    4. Electronic parts, for example, ECU’s, alternators, batteries, looms (wiring) etc.

    Here’re some of the benefits of buying used OEM Audi parts from Scrap Yards in South Africa.

    • Exact fit
    • Better build quality
    • Great longevity than aftermarket
    • Helps the environment

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