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The procedure of looking for Audi spares in South Africa can be trying when you’re in a big hurry to get your car back on the road. There are various spare auto parts companies and calling each one for quotes is probably not the best use of your energy and time. Our team realizes that you need get your parts within the shortest time frame achievable. If your top priority is price, qaulity, or turnaround time to receive your parts, then you are in the right place! Get 1 step closer to locating a top quality Audi replacement parts, by giving us a call or submitting the enquiry form.

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Why Buy Used Audi A4 B8 Parts From Scrap Yards in South Africa?

– Affordable: we all know that used parts bought from a scrap yard are more affordable than those bought from a spare part or dealership, don’t we?
– Good Condition: Many cars end up in South African scrap yards because of a faulty part and not that the entire car was completely bad. It may have been taken to the yard because the gearbox/ transmission failed but the rest of the car was in good condition. Therefore, an engine part, ECU, electrical, suspension, tires and other parts will still be in good state.
– Genuine: When buying from a scrap yard, you are certain the spare part is genuine since the car will be in the same condition.
– Convenient: With so many scrap yards in South Africa and many Audi A4 B5 cars, it’s much easier to source a part from the dealers. They will also have a large network and can easily source the needed part from dealers in other regions. A dealer in Cape Town will know of another one in Jozi (Johannesburg), KWZ (KwaZulu Natal), or PE (Port Elizabeth).


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    Recent Audi A4 B8 Part Requests

    Leandran Moonsamy
    Good day

    Hope you are well.

    I am looking for audi a4 b8 booth interior, side and floor panels.

    Leandran Moonsamy
    2021-05-25 11:24:07 +00:00
    Mr Booi
    Good Day, I am looking for the steering rack for my bmw e46 323I auto 2000 model. My contact number 0843308033. Mr Booi
    2021-05-05 12:52:10 +00:00
    Good day
    I'm looking for a turbo charger and a catalytic converter for audi a4 1.8T b8 2010.
    2021-04-06 14:09:55 +00:00
    Hi there, im looking for a audi a4 b8 bonnet release handle please.
    2021-04-01 06:56:39 +00:00
    raissa andong omores
    i am looking for the car boot that need to be replace due to accident
    2021-02-17 09:22:54 +00:00
    Bosch Alternator 0 123 315 013 KC - 14V 50 - 80A 1 740 624 22/97 765
    2021-02-14 12:59:49 +00:00
    Alfeus Cloete
    Searching for driverside fenderliner; fenderliner connection to bumper bracket ; driverside fog light grill.

    Audi b8 s4 3.0T supercharged. 2009
    2020-11-17 09:46:15 +00:00
    A4 1.8T 2012
    2020-09-25 08:17:49 +00:00
    Hi there,
    Looking for a few A4 B8 2013 1.8 TFSI spares.
    Front and rear all suspension bushings
    Front brake rotors(discs)
    Front brake pads
    Electronic parking brake actuators.

    Thank you
    2020-09-04 07:58:05 +00:00
    Nervous Sekgobela
    Good day.
    I am looking for a 2009 Audi B8 1.8 TFSI heater conrol velve / heater coolant control valve
    2020-04-24 13:54:04 +00:00
    More Info

    Are you having a hard time finding used Audi A4 B8 parts for sale in South Africa? Like many other proud owners of this legendary Audi, you probably are. Renowned for its sheer looks, good performance, reliability, and solid built, the Audi A4 B8 has dominated the market. It was launched in 2007 as the successor of the Audi B7, the B8 was manufactured between 2009 and 2016. The B8 is built on a variant of the Audi Modular Longitudinal Platform. The car is available in either a station wagon (estate) or sedan (saloon).

    Although this model can still be seen on South African roads despite the last car rolling out of production in 2009, it is becoming harder to find spare parts for this car. You have to contact several dealers just to find a simple spare part and most will either tell you to wait for them to scout around or will be honest and tell you they can’t find it. In addition to you spending so much time and effort searching for a part, you will have to do without your Audi for some time. And if by chance you find the part you are searching for, be prepared to pay an “arm and leg” for it. But, did you know that it is easier to go for Audi A4 B8 parts from scrap yards in South Africa?

    Choosing an Audi Scrap Yard

    When dealing with a scrap yard, you should look the following:
    – Experience: He/she should have dealt with Audi’s for many years. In fact, you should see several models in his yard.
    – Reputation: The scrap yard should have a good reputation and trusted for offering quality and genuine products. Talking to friends and reading reviews helps to gauge a dealer’s credibility.
    – Variety: the dealer should stock different parts from the Audi A4 B8 including engine, transmission, suspension, electrical, braking systems, bumpers, rims, coil springs, ECU’s, crankshafts, steering racks and more.
    – Pricing: Although the part may be scarce, it does not mean you should pay an exorbitant price for it. Always interact with sellers who charge a competitive and reasonable price.
    – Quality Guarantee: A good scrap yard in South Africa offers a guarantee on the part since they will have analyzed it before and confirmed it’s in good condition. The dealer will be willing to exchange the part in case it doesn’t fit or is faulty or refund your money.

    Finding a used part for your AUDI A4 B8 in South Africa shouldn’t be a problem. You don’t have to waste too much time or effort talking to many dealers or waiting for the part to be found. Also, you shouldn’t pay an exorbitant price just because it was hard to locate the part. What you need is talking to us for any spare part. We pride on being one of the leading dealers of used Audi A4 parts for sale in South Africa. We have been in this field for many years and stock a wide an array of parts. These include body parts ( doors, fenders, dashboards, windscreens, tires , bumpers, rims….) engine parts( camshafts, crankshafts, cylinder heads ,pistons….) suspension parts ( tie rod ends, coil springs, ball Joints, stabilizer links, shocks, upper and lower control arms……) electronic parts( ECU’s, alternators, batteries, looms (wiring…) and more. We only deal in genuine parts and give a guarantee on our products.

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