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BMW Body Maintenance

Regular BMW Body maintenance is simple yet, essential. There is, of course, the obvious financial incentive: because the BMW engine parts will often outlast the BMW body parts and indeed often be more easily and cheaply replaced the resale value of a used BMW is...

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How To Change Your Engine Oil

Oil should be changed at the manufacturer's recommended mileage intervals, but if necessary at certain time intervals instead. Make sure that a new oil-filter element is fitted every second oil change; a filter cannot be cleaned. To change your BMW engine oil, first...

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2016 BMW 3 Series Review

A quick glance at the outside of 2016 BMW 3 Series unveils the predicted nip/tuck treatment at every end. The actual front side will get brand new LED front lights spread further aside, together with bigger air flow intakes at the front valance. The back end is...

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How to Select the Best Gasket For Your Car

It really doesn’t make a difference regardless of whether you record kilometers on the track or even in the supermarket car park, your BMW requires gaskets. One does, nevertheless, have a lot to choose from with regards to supplies, which might get complicated. Your...

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