BMW BODY PARTSRegular BMW Body maintenance is simple yet, essential. There is, of course, the obvious financial incentive: because the BMW engine parts will often outlast the BMW body parts and indeed often be more easily and cheaply replaced the resale value of a used BMW is sometimes completely dependent upon its appearance and the condition of the BMW’s bodywork.

But there is a more serious factor to be considered – safety. The body of the modern BMW is more than a pretty shell to protect the passengers from the weather; it makes a considerable contribution to the BMW’s overall strength. Damage, whether as a result of a collision or because the body- work has been allowed to rust, can be extremely serious.

BMW Body repairs

Although the owner can himself successfully and safely repair quite badly damaged bodywork sections, he should confine his efforts only to those parts that are ‘unstressed’ -that is, that make no contribution to the BMW’ strength. In this category come the bonnet, boot lid and doors. The strengthening sections, which vary from one type of BMW to another, should be taken to a specialist for all but the most superficial scratches or dents. They may have to be replaced completely with properly stressed parts. When accident or rust damage can be safely repaired at home, however, the owner now has a range of products avail-able to help him-from anti-rust preparations to finishing paints matching almost every modern BMW. It should be possible, therefore, when tackling the several repair jobs described in this section, to achieve a finish indistinguishable from the manufacturer’s original. But it is important to follow all the instructions at each stage. Patience is needed, for undue haste will produce a less satisfactory repair.

Maintenance Prevention is better than repair. Regular maintenance, which helps keep the BMW body safe and in good trim, is straight forward and affordable. Rattles and noises, which might initially be just irritating, needs to be tracked and set correct as quickly as possible or even more severe problems might develop. The most often neglected part of the BMW -the underside-should be inspected and cleaned regularly to protect it from the effects of road spray. The upholstery and carpets can be kept in good condition with cleaning agents and upholstery paints. Above all, the most obvious part-the paint work and chrome trimming-should be washed at least once a fortnight, and more often if necessary.