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Note: We are an online directory of businesses selling new , non genuine and 2nd hand parts. None of the listed scrap yards are authorized by BMW AG, BMW SA  or its dealer network.


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Instantly contact a network of BMW Salvage Yards.

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German Spares gives you access to a large network of BMW scrap yards to help you find BMW stripping for spares and parts for sale. Buy directly from suppliers with no middleman fees. Get multiple price quotes through email or phone.

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If you are looking for 2nd hand BMW spares or engines for sale in South Africa? (See Engine Finder) If so, then this is the very best place on the web to find them. We know first-hand just how difficult it is usually is to locate the spares you’ll need for your BMW. We are able to provide you with the option finding used and replacement parts (non-genuine).

BMW Models in South Africa

BMW 3 SeriesBMW 5 SeriesBMW X3 SeriesBMW X5 Series
BMW E30 (1982–1991)BMW E34 (1988–1995)BMW E83 (2003–2010)BMW E53 (1999–2006)
BMW E36 (1992–1999)BMW E39 (1996–2003)BMW F25 (2010–present)BMW E70 (2006–2013)
BMW E46 (1999–2006)BMW E60 (2004–2010)BMW F15 (2013–present)
BMW E90 (2005–2011)BMW F10 (2011–present)
BMW F30  (2012– present)
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Do not be happy with less than the best when you find yourself searching for parts. In the end, you bought the most luxury car in the marketplace when you purchased a BMW. Why put something less than fitting the very best spares? Buy authentic BMW parts for your car whilst steering away from issues that result from utilizing an second-rate auto part. We make certain that you’ll be acquiring the 2nd hand spare parts you’ll require for your BMW at a small fraction of the price of new.

We Save You Time and Money

By stripping parts from accident damaged BMW cars, we will save you time and money. We search for BMW cars after which take all functional spare parts, tag, clean and stock them on the shelves. Clients don’t need to search for these spares or pay the full price for brand spanking new parts. You will find very competitive rates from the scrap yards in SA.

Do You Really Need Genuine BMW Spares?

You’ll require the genuine thing with regards to buying your spares given that they are meant specifically for BMW. Vehicle parts produced for other motor vehicles are supposed to be in those cars and not inside your BMW. BMW automobiles are famous for their high standard of quality. They’re robust and dependable along with their drivers who rely on them to take them places in style and luxury. Only genuine BMW parts express these characteristics, and therefore really should be fitted inside your BMW. Why accept less when nobody else does? You not only have to worry on the quality of parts, but safety too! Utilizing car parts not produced for a BMW can result in engine problems that can put you, your family and of course your BMW at risk!