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The 1st generation BMW 1 Series is really a small executive vehicle made by the German car maker BMW since the year 2004, when it substituted the BMW 3 Series Compact being the most compact and most affordable car within the BMW collection. The 5 door and 3 door hatch-backs were substituted with the F20 and F21 units in 2012, whilst the E88 convertible and E82 coupé variants were substituted with the 2 Series F23 and F22 in 2013.

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Our team is aware that you’ll need to find BMW spares within the fastest amount of time possible. If cost-effective prices, reliability, and time are your foremost concerns, then we can offer the remedy to aid you. Simply call or complete the enquiry form and you will be 1 step nearer to locating your replacement BMW 1 Series parts.

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Recent BMW Part Enquiries

Hi, I am looking for front right brake disc
2019-03-24 07:48:11 +00:00
Mike Mureyani
Dear Sir,

Please send us a quotation and availability of the following spares;
0. Automatic transmission gearbox
1. Vanos Gears (adjusting units)
2. Chain guides
3. Timing chain and tensover
4. Front Shocks
5. Upper and Lower Control arm
6. Stabilizer Links
7. Tie Rod Ends complete

The details of the vehicle are as follows;
Year 2008
Chassis No. (VIN) WBAFE42020LK94545
Engine No. 01006716N52B30AF

I trust you will find this in order and should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me,

Best Regards,

2019-03-23 13:45:33 +00:00
I am looking for spares for a 2005 Z4! Front bumper and stiffner, fenders(both left and right) and bonnet.
2019-03-23 07:15:40 +00:00
Good day.. I'm just looking for an oil pickup tube
2019-03-22 23:45:10 +00:00
Dion Khoza
Kindly assist with a sump
2019-03-22 23:27:54 +00:00
Good day
I'm Looking for the following parts for my BMW E46 320D
Timing Belt
Engine Mounting
2019-03-22 11:17:22 +00:00
Kagiso Dinoko
Need 2 front shock absorbers.
2019-03-22 10:56:46 +00:00
Can send
Clutch and dual mass flywheel
2019-03-22 08:04:14 +00:00
Hi I'm looking for Sump gasket, tappet cover gasket, vacuum pump seal and valve stem seals.
2019-03-20 22:10:23 +00:00
im looking for front door at left side for bmw 102i
2019-03-20 21:07:02 +00:00
More Info

For sale in 3-door hatchback (code E81), 5 door hatch-back (Model Code E87), coupe (Code E82) and 2 door convertible car (Code E88) body designs, the 1 Series incorporates a rear-wheel drive chassis, with a 50:50 weight balance ratio, aluminum multilink suspension, longitude fitted engine in addition to a selection of diesel and petrol engines. The BMW 1 Series landed almost 20% from the overall BMW revenue in 2008.

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BMW without doubt is among the most greatest known automotive firms worldwide and yes it undoubtedly will continue to be this way for many years unless of course aliens interfere with the planet. A great deal has already been identified on the subject of BMW cars prior to now, tons of publications written within compliment for this firm then there is word-of-mouth that plenty of people go out distributing around within incredible awe of such cars. To tell the truth, this sort of fame makes it tough to publish even a individual paragraph for this organisation while avoiding a number of sentences not comparable to many individuals created by various other authors before.

These days 25% of the planet populace owns a BMW, the rest 75% think of buying one. These particular vehicles are known for their style, magnificence, engineering and also extravagance. Only some auto manufacturers on earth can combine these 4 elements to produce something as fashionable as a BMW automobile. Regardless of whether it’s the 1-Series, 3-Series, 5-Series or probably the X series versions, BMW is a special class of its own that is certainly unrivaled and unquestionable. Vehicles beneath this brand are current kinds of advanced technology and also superior engineering that is certainly exclusively BMW.

High regard is just one important factor which a BMW automobile represents. A few folks in the entire world are able to afford a BMW and that exclusivity is usually due to the price part. Most of these automobiles are suitable for the upper class with each and every community and the costs demonstrates that. A new BMW can give your bank balance a solid knock and even after acquiring this auto, operating it for a long time is an additional sword in the bank account. Should you don’t pull substantial pay-checks at the end of the month, this particular vehicle isn’t for you personally.

You’ll find however, solutions by means of second-hand BMW vehicles available for sale plus second-hand BMW accessories and parts only to make this bit of German technology to some degree inexpensive for any common man. In fact, spending on pre-owned BMW spare parts is a reasonably cost-effective but still powerful solution even when you have excess moolah to get rid of. A little clever economizing in no way causes harm to any body.

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Just in case you don’t know, 2nd hand car parts are OEM parts and in this situation genuinely produced by BMW. The sole explanation these spares are inexpensive is simply because they are second-hand auto parts recovered from another car out of the very same corporation probably the exact same model also.

Right now to point out a tiny secret, nearly all BMW owners whom purchased their automobile just before August 2005 prefer second-hand spare parts as opposed to brand new ones. Simply because, pre-owned spare parts tend to be a lot more easy to find on their circumstance while for brand spanking new parts, they need to place orders using the firm not to mention wait around for many months before the mandatory part can be acquired.

Once you think about the retail price contrast between second hand and brand-new spare parts, not to mention the fact second hand spares now are often made available over the web, you will not need to think carefully before resolving just what choice is more economical and additionally simple.

There are several committed second hand BMW spare parts webpages specializing in trading second-hand spares on the net. All these firms have tie-ups with garages, warehouses and salvage yards throughout South Africa in addition to their system enables uncomplicated method to obtain all types of used part for all types of BMW.

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