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BMW e46 spares
The E46 succeeded the BMW E36 and is the fourth generation, developed by BMW. In ’95, the overall external style of the E46 by Erik Goplen was accepted and for that reason Designworks USA was hired by BMW to do business with BMW Group’s in-house design and style crew to make the outside body work for the 3 Series in February 1996.

In line with the E36 body shell, the design and style workforce put a focus on enhancing the rules of aerodynamics and boosting the car’s aggressive profile. Design and style patents had been submitted in Germany on July 16th, 1997 as well as in the US on January 16th, 1998. Whilst the styling of the BMW E46 was described as an progression of the very most successful prior generation 3-series, it had not been instantly appreciated by both the consumer, or car media. Word of mouth leaked out within the media that the BMW designers were unsatisfied in increasing the roof-line, and also the typical rounding of the body part panels compared to the more squarish E36 BMW. Chris Bangle was accountable through January 96 for that manufacturing saloon exterior, as apparent in the 1997 design and style patent. Manufacturing growth and development of the saloon had taken Two years from Jan 96 to Jan 98.

BMW M GmbH manufactured a high-performance version from the E46 body, allocated the M3. This particular model experienced a bigger, much stronger motor, sportier suspensions, a restricted slip differential, as well as other visual adjustments. The M3 was launched in 2001 and it was obtainable in convertible and coupé car body styles. It had been offered with 2 transmissions: a typical 6-speed manual gearbox or an optionally available sequential manual gear box.

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BMW Scrap Yards in South Africa

One of the easiest ways to find spare parts for the BMW E46 would be to check out the numerous scrapyards located around the country, people living in the big cities of Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria and Durban may have an easier chance, as most scrapyards are based in and around these areas. South E36 Motorists can simply “google” which scrapyard is nearest to them and bargain for that all important part to have their Beamer back to purring on the road.


Online free classified websites are is all the rage in South Africa, there are a number of websites that E46 drivers can turn too to look for their spare parts, such as Gumtree and OLX be sure to do your research, as many fraudsters use these platforms to sell parts from stolen vehicles and will not offer you a refund should the parts be defective. You also need to be weary of websites that offer private sales, always opt to meet somewhere to do the exchange, take a friend along and do cash transactions for safety.

Car Clubs/Forums:

Car enthusiasts are a special breed, and there are many motoring clubs and forums all around South Africa where petrol-heads of all ages get together to talk about their cars, visiting these clubs and talking to fellow car lovers might be just what you need, as someone in these forums will definitely know of a neighbour or old friend who had a BMW E46 which couldn’t be salvaged after an accident, which is being stored in their back yard.

Talk to your Local BMW Dealers and Mechanic:

There are numerous dealership all around the country, from Cape Town to Calvinina. Popping into your local dealership and chatting to the salesman or mechanic may just be what you need to get the right advice on where to find the part for your E46 .

BMW drivers know the value of looking after their cars, so knowing where to find their spare parts are vitally important, since the old adage; if you take care of you car, then you car will take care of you applies.