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BMW Scrap yards are continuously stripping accident damaged BMW’s and salvaging their invaluable engines for resale. They have it all, from the 4 cylinder motors towards the praised inline six cylinder engines, even up to the V8 and V12 mega engines. Should you be looking for high quality used BMW engines, ready and prepared for resale, then our listed BMW scrap yards is a great starting point in your quest. Maybe you are planning to restore your E36 using a old classic 4 cylinder, fix your M3 with BMW’s mean, straight 6, or even pimp your M5 using a rip roaring V8 powerplant, we’ll help you find the best used BMW engine!

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Essentially the most troublesome issues with seeking BMW spares in SA would be the search for BMW engines. Because there are 100s of scrap yard organizations available, it might not be smart to contact all of them to compare when you’re pressed for time. Our company knows the necessity of needing a trustworthy replacement BMW motor in a short amount of time. If inexpensive pricing, reliability, and time are your top concerns, then we can offer the remedy for you. Only ring us or complete the form on our website and our network will email you promptly should they have stock of your desired engine.
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Hi looking for 2014 228i bmw harman kardon amplifier
2021-07-02 13:33:02 +00:00
Ronnie Yane
I need a cam cap urgently for F30 BMW 2012 Model
2021-07-02 09:12:23 +00:00
Ronnie Yane
I need a cam cap for an F30 BMW car P/No. 11127585267
2021-07-02 08:49:41 +00:00
I need a front diff for a BMW X3 2011 model with a 3.08 ratio please
2021-07-02 08:18:36 +00:00
I am looking for the ecu 7620350 or one the can work
2021-07-02 01:21:42 +00:00
I am looking for the ecu 7620350 or one the can work
2021-07-02 01:16:33 +00:00
Urgently looking for driver side door and right side rear door. Thank you.
2021-07-01 16:37:20 +00:00
Urgently looking for driver side door and right side rear door. Thank you.
2021-07-01 16:33:44 +00:00
Urgently looking for driver side door and right side rear door. Thank you.
2021-07-01 16:31:07 +00:00
Leslie Scott
In need of a engine for my bmw 116i E46
2021-07-01 11:09:06 +00:00

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The good thing when buying a reconditioned BMW engine is you understand what you’re investing in. Second hand BMW engines, particularly their legendary straight 6, are praised around the world for their sleek and robust efficiency, superior torque output and perfect settings. In addition to the revolutionary technologies for example BMW named Valvetronic and VANOS that have been incorporated into a number of the brand new engine platforms. This particular new technology has dramatically changed the driving experience and also have made a new strain of BMW engine, several of which can be found in BMW scrap yards in South Africa.

Your Engine Enquries Go To Our Listed BMW Scrapyards in South Africa

Pertaining to diesel and petrol piston engines, turbo powered Twin Power Turbo as well as excellent BMW engine parts, just stop by any of the listed scrap yards. Most scrap yards have experts that will pass on their knowledge, to enable you to drive away together with the greatest BMW engine beneath the bonnet.

Most scrap yards can arrange delivery of the engine via a courier service. It usually takes 2 – 4 business days to arrive from any location within South Africa. Give them a ring or complete the part request form for any enquiries on their used BMW engines for sale.

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Top 10 BMW Engine Problems

Figuring out the 10 Commonest BMW Engine Problems

Engine breakdown isn’t any good news. But not just is your BMW downright unusable – which means that you will have to use trains and buses or find a ride with someone you know to get to the place where you will need to go – but working out what’s wrong along with rectifying the problem can be quite tough. There’s a great number of symptoms that might be there, for instance backfiring or overheating, however the reason is difficult to pinpoint should you not know your path about motors.

What Might Be the Trouble?
Think of the “check engine” light not as a death omen, but instead as a possible sign that some thing demands replacement. Your vehicular computer can find any of the following issues.

Shortage of lubrication.
For turning BMW parts to perform thoroughly, oil will have to be present to grease the area. In the event that oil is not present, components will rub with each other, deteriorate, as well as high temperatures. So, receiving a regular oil replacement is extremely important for the performing of one’s vehicle. In the event that engine oil volumes get diminished or just isn’t swapped out frequently enough, the actual engine could overheat and stop functioning stemming from significant amounts of rubbing.

Oil pump fail.
Whenever the oil has got the completely wrong consistency, it may cause issues to the pump that moves oil over the BMW engine. This could set off an issue known as oil starvation, which ends up in serious engine breakdowns. This pump provides oil needed to oil your entire engine whilst it operates. Normally, the moment the oil light is illuminated, it’s just a alert that your oil pressure is too low. Oil must be of a appropriate viscosity, which means it must be light enough to move easily.

Unclean oil.
Oil also can gather and leave deposits on ignition chambers, intake valves and spark plugs. Additionally, it may breakdown a BMW’s bearings any time foreign matter ends up being set on the area. A congested oil filter can trigger major harm to any engine and also decrease your BMW’s fuel efficiency.

Worn spark plug.
Small and yet serious, a spark plug is what makes the vehicle move. It ignites pressurized fuel by transferring electrical power from the spark plug’s end towards the electrode within the engine. While spark plugs are designed to work for thousands and thousands of miles, many will often need replacing quickly. This will make the motor to mis-fire or thwart ignition completely. One bad spark plug increases the pollution levels in your BMW and decreases it’s gas mileage.

Spark knock.
A engine knock, otherwise known as a detonation, is actually a sort of combustion that occurs when you will find high heat and pressure within the engine’s combustion chamber. During these moments, you have to be capable to audibly hear a metallic knocking or pinging noise. A bit of detonation usually won’t contribute to significant damages, but heavy knocks or extended detonation causes major destruction of your spare parts. It is not a predicament in most modern day engines that are well-maintained, however ill kept engines may experience this issue.

Defective or malfunctioning oxygen sensor.
This is actually a electronic device that processes the oxygen levels which are burning up in the exhaust system. This is afterward translated into details about petrol usage plus appears on your dash as being the gasoline gauge. In case your vehicle is running out of gasoline whether or not the gasoline meter states that you’re half-full, you could be suffering from an matter with the o2 indicator inside your engine. Typically, that leads to decreased gasoline consumption.

Subpar compression.
Together fuel and also air needs to be pressurized for the engine to function properly and make power. There are a few aspects that will bring about lousy compression including a opening within the cylinder, an air leak, an insufficiently closed valve or worn piston rings.

Coolant loss.
If the engine is continually over heating, you could be encountering coolant loss. Automobile engines utilize coolant as a general constant source of heat reduction, and losing the fluid brings about intense heats.

Blocked radiator.
Old or filthy coolant is considered the most general grounds for a congested radiator and will induce multiple conditions. This may result in the radiator to fill up with deposited elements from the coolant, which may trigger ones motor to overheat.

Loose or absent petrol lid.
One of the most simple vehicle associated problems to address is actually a wobbly or lost fuel cap. A wobbly or absent gas cap causes gasoline to evaporate of your vehicle, bringing down its fuel economy and costing you possibly thousands of rands. In case you are realizing that gas is used up significantly before it should, you might like to buy a brand-new fuel cap.

If you feel you have an engine problem, it is important that you talk with a auto technician. Whatever you may think is awry it’s essential that you call a vehicle repair specialist. With the previously mentioned info provides you with a perspective to discover exactly why your engine is not working. If you do wish to swap your engine, then allow us to help you to get rates from our big group of scrap yards in SA.

BMW E46 Engine Problem Guide