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Latest BMW X5 Part Enquiries

Mike Mureyani
Dear Sir,

Please send us a quotation and availability of the following spares;
0. Automatic transmission gearbox
1. Vanos Gears (adjusting units)
2. Chain guides
3. Timing chain and tensover
4. Front Shocks
5. Upper and Lower Control arm
6. Stabilizer Links
7. Tie Rod Ends complete

The details of the vehicle are as follows;
Year 2008
Chassis No. (VIN) WBAFE42020LK94545
Engine No. 01006716N52B30AF

I trust you will find this in order and should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me,

Best Regards,

2019-03-23 13:45:33 +00:00
Brian Stokes
I need a air con fan. It’s a Siemens fan. The part number on the actual fan is 6 921 323 and B5. The part number which I got from bmw was B 64 54 6 921 382. It is a bmw e53 x5
2019-03-16 09:00:11 +00:00
David Chauke

I am looking for the right front/headlight of the x5 together with the fender
2019-03-14 23:02:44 +00:00
HiThere,I'm looking for a rear diff for a BMW X5 E53 3.0 DIESEL AUTO.2004. Hope you can help. Regards Wayne
2019-03-13 08:54:33 +00:00
Good day to all
I am looking for the gearbox mainly
And some other engine parts
Pleas quot for the gearbox only until
The list is ready .

2019-03-08 21:48:21 +00:00
Good day,

I am looking for a steering reck for the 2005 BMW X5 E53 4.4, and also the rear propshaft, please advise about the prices..
2019-03-06 14:55:55 +00:00
2004 BMW X5 3.0i Automatic Petrol.

i need Side shaft for the right hand side, The outer one
2019-03-04 11:50:53 +00:00
f15 bmw x5m50d kindly request for two front shocks right and left and left hand side headlight.
2019-02-18 10:32:48 +00:00
David Chauke
I am looking for the right sided fender , and headlight of this X5.
2019-02-02 13:34:48 +00:00
Urooj Khan
Hi, I am looking for parking brake Actuator for my x5 2011 twin turbo
2019-01-31 11:27:20 +00:00
More Info

Used BMW X5 PartsKnown and thought of as one of the most highly valued automobile makes, BMW X5 is different, chic, sophisticated, cozy in addition to reliable. In reality, it’s probably the most sold makes. One thing relating to this brand is it is not cheap to buy and keep. Because of these high prices, a lot of people might find themselves without the use of their vehicle for longer time periods whilst they save the funds in order to make necessary upkeep even though this may be important, many times, it exposes the vehicle to other negative effects and problems that develop in the event the motor has not operated for some time.

Although individuals are overwhelmed by the price of restoring their BMW X5, the reality is, you’ll be able to finish these fixes at a cheaper price than most people realize. Many companies within Gauteng deal with BMW X5 auto parts, so that you can easily get them. On the other hand, before selecting the BMW X5 scrap yard, you will have to bear in mind a number of elements.

Points to consider
There are various businesses that are experts on marketing second hand BMW X5 parts in Gauteng and locating one is an effortless activity. Still, not all second hand BMW X5 parts Gauteng scrap yards you come across are reputable.

• Status – A corporation’s reputation will explain a great deal about whether or not they are a trusted supply of second hand BMW X5 engines. When the vendor has been providing reputable 2nd hand parts throughout the area for a little while, they will almost certainly be respected. Invariably you could run through past client opinions, reviews and reports to determine the degree of excellence to anticipate. Expert review internet sites is yet another good approach because they class corporations according to their ability to meet purchaser expectations. Additionally, visit the expert assessment sites that rank and class the dealers as per their dependability to the buyers.

• Quality Assurance – A respected seller will only offer you second-hand parts which have a quality guarantee. The dealer really should have terms that allow you exchange any part that fails to satisfy your quality guidelines or any that doesn’t meet its goal. Mainly, you’ll be sure of finding the right parts that will serve you appropriately.

• Variety – The best BMW X5 auto parts suppliers can provide numerous used spare parts to suit virtually any type of BMW X5. This kind of big variety will let you make sure you are getting the highest quality spare parts. You will find spare parts that are stripped from brand-new autos and have been written off as a result of a major accident. The shop will be able to offer you choices on which parts you should pick.

As well as the points defined above, you may additionally be thinking about insurance coverage, cost, installment services, and offered warranties in choosing a BMW X5 spares seller.

Finding X5 used engines for sale
Considering the considerations you will want to bear in mind, it’s easy to find the BMW X5 Gauteng scrap yards. The majority of the trustworthy sellers possess an respected website that include all the details which they supply. To find these businesses, basically just conduct a internet search for scrap yards that can be found near your property or place of work. You will subsequently be able to use the factors identified above to narrow down the search outcomes and look for the top dealer. When you use these elements, they’ll narrow down analysis, and you can be sure of discovering the right BMW X5 supplier. It’s advisable to obtain used BMW X5 parts from credible accredited companies that can operate in the location. This will ensure you get the best quality and procedures that allow you to claim refunds for spare parts which don’t satisfy your requirements.