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W124 Mercedes PartsThe Mercedes-Benz W124 is the first generation to be referred to as an official E-Class motor. The W124 models were the replacements for the older W123 models and they were introduced in 1984. However in 1995, almost 11 years later they were then replaced by the W210 E-Class.

The W124 was special and completely unique for it’s generation as it was designed to withstand many miles and travel further over time. This is all thanks to the exceptional German engineering and performance quality leading to the manufacturers achieving a wide range of awards.

The front suspension of the W124 uses a completely separate spring and damper and contains a rubber top mount. On the other hand the rear suspension displays the Mercedes multi-link axle which was introduced in the year of 1982 while the 190 model was in action. The W124 was unique as Mercedes chose to opt for a a fixed height and made use of rear-coil springs in order to maintain the static ride when stationary and parked.

The majority of engineering conducted for the 124 was advanced automotive technology of that time and it became almost a role model for the industry. After it’s introduction their were many of it’s innovations adopted in the industry. Competing with vehicles of it’s time, it had the lowest ever coefficient drag and included some plastic molding for the undercarriage. It had a smooth aerodynamic body attracting drivers from all over the world and had a reduced wind noise and lower fuel consumption. This made the W124 one of the most durable, reliable and technologically advanced creations of it’s generation.

The wipers were also unique as they managed to reach all the corners on the front windscreen. This was due to the single windscreen wiper which had an advanced eccentric mechanism in order to work efficiently. There were also rear headrests that could fold down easily to improve the visibility through the back window.

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From 1984 to 1993 Mercedes used what are known as the pre-facelift models and used the designations: 20/200 T, 230 E/230, 200 E/200, 260 E, 300 CE, 300 E-24/300 and many more. Both the estate and saloon models carried the exact same model designation in their bootlid. Diesels also became widely available and were extremely popular. The W124 models were so successful and popular that taxi companies began to implement them into their fleets. Along with this the more luxurious models were used as limousines and often carried people of high class and sophistication.

Although the W124 was one of the best cars of it’s generation, the popularity hasn’t changed and people nowadays are still looking out for them. The sheer engineering excellence conducted by the German manufacturers has grabbed the attention of the industry for many years and will continue to do so. In fact some of the modern ideas used in newer Mercedes-Benz models adopt features taken from older models such as the W124. As one of the most efficient and fuel friendly vehicles in the world at it’s time, the W124 is a true legend and is a perfect example of German engineering at it’s best.

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