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The operation of seeking used Opel parts in Johannesburg is often annoying if you are in a big hurry to get your car back on the road. There’s lots of Opel Scrap Yards and calling the whole bunch for quotations might not be the best use of your time and energy. Our firm recognizes that you require an Opel part within the quickest period of time possible. If very affordable pricing, consistency, and time are your foremost priorities, then we can provide the answer for you. Just give us a call or fill in the enquiry form and you will be one step closer to obtaining quality used Opel parts.

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Why Buy Used Opel Spares?

In just about all cases, you’ll see that choosing used Opel parts is usually a less expensive opportunity than whenever you buy from neighborhood Opel dealerships and repair centres. Opel vehicles, especially those in more modern series, repeatedly rise among the most high-priced automobiles to repair. Through purchasing used spare parts, nevertheless, you are able to get Opel parts at a discount, without any reducing the quality.


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    Latest Opel Part Enquiries

    Looking for a set of OEM 17" rims. Willing to swop in my set of 19"
    2020-04-20 09:38:05 +00:00
    Lizo Sotana
    I am looking for bottom engine protector or cover
    2020-03-31 17:24:39 +00:00
    I am looking for a good second hand flywheel
    2019-12-20 13:11:46 +00:00
    Nadia Greyling
    i would like to find out if you have the window winder mechanisms (electical windows) for the backdoors on a Meriva?
    2019-11-27 10:31:41 +00:00
    My stroking column is damaged can you make a quote please it an adjustable one
    2019-11-26 14:19:18 +00:00
    Im looking for a head light leveling control module for a 2014 Opel Astra j Opc...thank you
    2019-11-26 13:08:37 +00:00
    Hi looking for an airbag / hooter spiral for my Opel Corsa gamma 1.4i 2006 model hatch back.
    2019-11-25 19:39:26 +00:00
    What is the price for a computer box A14XER corsa and a camshaft sensor?
    2019-11-25 15:48:49 +00:00
    Valve mounted on Aircleaner housing, attached to it is a pipe fromnthe fuel tank, a vacum pipe from the base of the throttle valve body, and two pipes to the body.Bonnet, and a plastic cover, covering the batter y between bonnet, and Windscreen.Blower filtre cover.
    2019-11-25 14:18:33 +00:00
    Tony Bell
    2003 Astra Classic
    Require a ECU controller
    2019-11-25 07:55:45 +00:00

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    The Ten Most Frequent Engine Failures and the way to Spot Them

    When your automobile’s engine fails, it’s a nightmare. Not only will it place your Opel out of commission, nevertheless it can also be challenging diagnose plus much more complicated to fix. Perhaps the problem is arising from the Opel heating up, a misfiring or perhaps the engine light turns on, the systems inside your Opel normally show special warning signs that signify imminent failure.

    What Might possibly Be the Issue?
    Here’s a few of the typical engine problems and just how you’ll find them.

    Ineffective lubrication.
    Your Opel is going to need oil between its moving parts. It will likewise minimize friction, but it will also reduce heat. This is why neglecting to frequently change oil at the recommended intervals will eventually break your Opel engine. Bad lubrication can trigger over heating and may lead to your engine seizing. Lower volumes may suggest leaks and also burning.

    Oil pump failure.
    A failing pump causes what’s labeled as oil starvation, which is almost always harmful to your motor. Overhead cam engines are specially in danger, because the cam and valve train tend to be further away from the pump compared to they are in pushrod motors.

    Dirty oil.
    Oil might also build-up and then leave debris on intake valves, spark plugs and ignition chambers. Parts for example crankshafts and valves labor incredibly effortlessly, and having deposits obstructs this valuable performance. In the event your oil filter is obstructed or missing, this might be the reason behind the issue.

     Worn spark plug.
    Minor and yet serious, a spark plug makes the whole automobile move. Their functionality is to fire up the compacted fuel in the Opel engine. Dated spark plugs can cause the electricity to leak which produces a weaker spark. This damage can lead to a weak or non-existent spark, which experts claim results in engine malfunction.

    Spark knock.
    A engine knock, also known as a detonation, is a type of combustion that occurs when you will find excessive heat and pressure within the engine’s combustion chamber. When this happens, a metallic tapping or pinging noise can be heard. Repeated detonation can certainly impart cracks within your engine or can greatly weaken the engine’s structure. It will put holes in the block, grind rod bearings, blow cylinder head gaskets, crack valves, plus break piston ring lines. Lengthy pinging disturbance undoubtedly are a obvious reason to be concerned.

    Defective or malfunctioning oxygen indicator.
    In your engine there is a sensing unit that measures o2 expenditure out of the exhaust system. It indicates to the automobile’s data system the amount petrol is within the petrol tank. An issue with the o2 sensor indicates the automobile receives erroneous information. Normally, this ends up in reduced fuel consumption.

    Weak compression.
    If air flow and fuel are not thoroughly pressurised, the automobile engine can’t execute its combustion procedure. If combustion isn’t happening, the engine cannot operate. There are numerous issues in which compression may be failing, like pistons and cylinders.

    Coolant loss.
    In many instances, coolant loss a consequence of a inadequately serviced cooling system and it is also a frequent factor for over heating. The final hot temperatures could wreck the engine and is also expensive for resolve. Avoidance is the foremost solution to extending the life of one’s engine so Opelry out your vehicle’s advised schedule for purging the coolant system.

    Clogged radiator.
    Aged or not clean coolant is the most prevalent grounds for a blocked radiator and may produce different problems. This will result in your radiator to fill up with deposited material from the coolant, which may provoke any engine to get too hot.

    Unfastened or absent petrol lid.
    One of several quickest Opel associated troubles to resolve is usually a wobbly or absent gas cap. Wobbly fuel caps unleash petrol gases in the economy that can lessen a Opel’s fuel economy and perhaps raise the amount of cash expended on petrol.

    If you think maybe you have an engine problem, it is essential to call a repair shop. The important technologies in your own vehicle usually show particular signals so make contact with an automobile mechanic as fast as possible. In the event you at some point must replace your engine, get in touch and we’ll find the best estimate from our community of SA scrap yards with small or no inconvenience for you.

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