Issues addressed in the material:

  • What is the danger if the headlights are blinded
  • What to do if headlights are blinded
  • Recommendations for car owners how to react if headlights are blinded

There are several risk factors in night riding. Blinding oncoming headlights is one of them, because of this, already low visibility is lost. Loss of vision, even for a split second, is extremely dangerous. This can lead to a wide variety of consequences, from the loss of control over the management, ending with pedestrian collisions, exits outside the roadway and collisions with other vehicles. Of course, worried car owners are thinking about what to do if the headlights are blinded.

There are many methods to combat night blindness. Not all of them are unambiguous, some cause controversy and doubts about effectiveness, but we think everyone can choose one working one.

  • What is the danger if the headlights are blinded
  • Blind oncoming headlights
  • When the driver leaves the main road for a secondary one in the dark, he has to switch the dipped beam to the high beam and vice versa.

High-beam headlights perfectly illuminate the roadway, thereby creating good visibility in front of a moving car. However, this light can only be used if there is no oncoming transport or if it is located at a great distance.

When approaching oncoming cars, it is necessary to switch the headlight mode to the near one. Otherwise, one driver risks dazzling another.

Anyone who is driving should be aware of what to do if headlights are blinded. After all, timely measures help to avoid life-threatening consequences.

Everyone knows that even a short-term loss of control during movement, especially at high speed, can lead to a terrible result.

In the best case, the driver may experience discomfort, as you will have to squint and strain your eyes, and then it is unflattering to speak about the car owner of the oncoming transport. And this is the most favorable outcome, but in practice it often turns out to be much worse.

Driving on an insufficiently lit road at night, the driver is forced to navigate with the help of his vision and car headlights.

Of course, problems with optics can also cause emergency situations. However, it is much more dangerous if the driver loses control over the situation due to the fact that a motorist traveling in the oncoming lane blinded him. In this case, the concentration is lost only for a few seconds, which seems to be a little. Nevertheless, in this short time, the machine travels a considerable distance (especially if it does it at high speed). When there is an obstacle in the way in the form of pedestrians, other vehicles or a turn, the driver simply will not have time to restore vision in order to avoid a collision with an obstacle or stop.

It is not for nothing that the headlights at the automobile manufacturer undergo thorough adjustment and adjustment. If these procedures are completed, you can not be afraid of claims from drivers of oncoming cars. They will not blind you, and you will not blind them, because the headlights in the transport are perfectly tuned. The situation with cars in which the headlights are not adjusted is much worse, they shine in different directions. It is in these cases that you need to know what to do if oncoming headlights are blinded directly into the eyes, which leads to a loss of control over the situation on the road for several seconds. The result of short-term blindness can be disastrous.

What to do if blinded by headlights

  1. Check your vehicle regularly. It happens, it seems that you too often come across cars with high beams on. Most likely, the problem is yourselves. It is necessary to check how the headlights are adjusted. In addition, you should get rid of abnormal xenon or LED bulbs, usually installed in halogen headlights. If you fulfill these conditions, then you will not become a violator and do not force to violate traffic rules of other drivers.Many car owners forget to adjust the headlights. You can do this by simply turning the corrector wheel or by contacting a special center. If you blind with adjusted dipped headlights, oncoming drivers may blind you in response.Use curtains, tinting, mirrors with auto-dimming. The problem will not go 100 percent because of the dipped headlights of other cars. Modern cars are equipped with a salon mirror, in which there is a day-night switch, or auto-dimming. I must say that this is a very effective device. As an addition, you can tint the rear window or curtain it. These manipulations are not prohibited by the rules.Premium cars feature self-darkening side windows. If you are not the owner of such a model, make a change of position of the mirrors to reduce the degree of blinding. In addition, mirror elements can be restored to their previous position in a few seconds.Many drivers do not know what to do if the headlights of oncoming cars are blinded, because they are not aware of the existence of a special lever for switching to the non-blinding night mode, located at the bottom of the mirror. The auto-dimming function, as a rule, also needs to be activated using a special key.
  2. Replace the windshield in a timely manner . Check the condition of the windshield. If it is old, with scuffs, it will glare and strain your eyes. Accordingly, all moving oncoming vehicles will interfere with you. Although the windshield is a little expensive to change, but it’s about your safety. Less costly measures include replacing wiper blades, which can miraculously improve vision.A free way is to wipe the glass from the passenger compartment. Smoking in the car leads to the formation of a deteriorating visibility of the greasy film, creating glare.The degree of blinding does not depend on which light source is used. It doesn’t matter if you have halogen, xenon or LED headlights in your car – they will not dazzle if you correctly adjust the light beam. blinding light while driving
  3. Just look away. If the above methods were ineffective, there is a main tip – do not look at the headlights of oncoming cars. Need to look to the right on the side of the road. An excellent reference point, so as not to get off the road, will be the markings drawn on it. If there is any danger, you will notice it with peripheral vision. Nevertheless, for reliability, it is better to slow down, wait for a ride with oncoming vehicles and prepare for sharp braking.About the approach of the car says the emerging “glow” from the headlights. Squeeze one eye and open it as soon as the car passes. So you protect the eye from blinding, it will fully see. The method is good for an empty track. If the flow of cars is large, get tired of blinking. However, in this way you can fight sleep.In the ideal future, the existing LED headlights will replace existing headlights. Of course, it is impossible to completely exclude the possibility of blinding, but the risk will be reduced to a minimum.
  4. Special driving glasses . The use of glasses with polarizing yellow lenses helps with blinding. An important condition is the purchase of a quality product. Otherwise, choosing the first instance you come across, you run the risk of getting quickly tired eyes and headaches. And the frequent use of low-quality glasses will generally lead to a decrease in visual acuity.To combat blindness, polarized glasses or a screen are used, but this is not convenient for all drivers.
  5. Tips from Internet users. In social networks, many recommend traveling with the lights on in the cabin, so that it is easier for the eyes to adapt to the light from the oncoming headlights. It seems that this has its own logic: a person gets used to lighting, so the brightly shining headlights do not exert an unnecessarily annoying effect on him. However, it is very difficult to ride with the lights on in the car interior when there is complete darkness around. This will distract the driver, as well as impair visibility, creating additional glare on the windows. This method is even more dangerous than bright light from oncoming headlights.A special night lamp located on the ceiling helps, but a standard ceiling lamp is not effective against dazzling headlights.On the Internet, advice is often given to buy an opaque electrical tape and seal the windshield in places where light from oncoming headlights usually gets. Do not do this, since the review is greatly deteriorating, in addition, there is a change in the position of the cars. Therefore, it will be necessary to process too large a plot, otherwise all the actions taken will be useless.There will be no sense in buying a car with a high landing (as advised on the Web). Heavy truck drivers suffer no less than others from blinding oncoming headlights.

Recommendations for car owners how to react if headlights are blinded

What are the reasons for such a negative effect from the headlights?

  1. “Have you noticed that the light coming from modern headlights is much brighter?” It’s true. Today, lighting is produced on the basis of completely different technologies. Previously, only halogen lamps were used in the manufacture of optics. Then xenon was used. The latest innovation is LED headlights. We can conclude – the headlights shine brighter with a more modern car model. It would seem that this is a definite plus, since road lighting in the dark is better.However, this advantage has a downside. After all, the bright light from the headlights leads to an accident due to blinding, and the number of such incidents is growing.
  2. According to scientists, age affects the likelihood of blinding – the older the driver, the greater the risk. The reason is the insufficiently transparent lens and cornea of ​​the eye. Due to this feature, bright light from oncoming headlights, passing through the eye, is refracted, causing a person to become dazzled or blurred.According to ophthalmologist, a similar effect is observed when trying to look at bright light through a fogged glass. “The older the person, the more significant changes his eyes undergo, despite his general good health. For example, the crystalline lens and cornea that become less transparent provoke problems with blinding. As night falls, the pupil becomes wider so that more light penetrates into it. Therefore, when the headlights on the headlights suddenly appear, it dazzles you. ”“The headlights blind because of the unwillingness of the eye to adequately perceive the sudden flow of light. Old optical technology has a significantly smaller blinding effect, unlike the new one. In addition, with increasing age, the risk of temporary blindness from oncoming headlights increases. It is curious that this fact was known for a long time, even at the stage of formation of the automotive industry (the effect was noticed in 1927).

    At all times, they tried to fight blindness with the help of various devices. These include anti-frames that create a bluish background, used in the Soviet period. It was planned that these devices should contribute to a more rapid adaptation of the eyes to the light emitted by oncoming headlights. I must say that no one has proven thre effectiveness of antifar, so they stopped using them. However, over the past twenty years, the global auto industry has seriously considered the problem of blinding.

    For example, modern models are equipped with adaptive headlights. These devices can rotate simultaneously with the turn of the car, lower the light rays when a bright oncoming light stream appears.

    However, even with such an advanced technology, scientists believe that the system should still respond in a timely manner to the oncoming traffic, so the risk of blinding remains.

    There are matrix-type headlights that are endowed with the function of disconnecting sections. Devices reduce the risk of blinding oncoming headlights to almost zero. However, this technology is not accessible to everyone because of its high cost.

Eyesight Problems Make Night Blindness Worse

Good eyesight is important to ensure safe driving, especially when driving at night. Drivers with eye problems will
not be able to see properly at night. According to Ontario driving test, few of the main causes of vision impairment in are cataracts, glaucoma, refractive errors and diabetic retinopathy.

A variety of inventors, periodically register patents for new devices to combat blindness. Interesting enough and a little fantastic, but with a fraction of a reasonable grain of ideas that have not yet been implemented by anyone:

  1. The establishment of uniform rules and standards for the polarization coating of glasses, regardless of manufacturer. This will make it possible to make the same type of polarized driver’s glasses, which weaken the light from the headlights, as they are tuned for it.
  2. The universal use of light sensors that control the brightness level of headlights at night. The principle of operation of the devices is to weaken the brightness of the headlights of vehicles moving towards each other at a distance of about 100 m, and when approaching by 10 m – almost a complete decrease in light intensity.
  3. Production of cars with flashing lights. The flicker frequency should be greater than the inertia of the human eye. Drivers should use electronic glasses, in which the glasses have variable transparency, synchronized with the blinking frequency of the headlights. In order for the glasses to work in a single mode, standard radio frequency transceivers should be used, which, when the machines came closer, would establish communication with each other.
  4. The content in the composition of the road surface fluorescent substances. At the same time, headlights must use eye-safe lamps emitting a soft ultraviolet glow. Thus, the road with a fluorescent coating itself will glow in the dark.
  5. Installation on all highways of standard lighting masts equipped with an intelligent system for switching on lights, activated by the light of the headlights of an approaching car. So, on a lightly loaded track, lighting will rarely turn on, respectively, energy will be saved. Smart lights will light in front of the car and go out after it passes (provided that there is no next). Thanks to this, drivers will be able to completely abandon the main beam, reduce the brightness of the dipped beam or get along only with the navigation lights.

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